Mulumebet Gebresellassie is the proud pioneer of the Beauty Spa concept here in Ethiopia; Mulu is the CEO and Founder of Byogenic Beauty SPA and for the past ten years of the Byogenic Training Center. All the Beauty Spas you see around town today came after Byogenic was established 25 years ago (first location was in Wolo Sefer).


As a young girl, Mulu had always been passionate about beauty and skin care; she always felt that to feel beautiful was an important and fundamental aspect for any woman to be able to approach life with confidence. This passion for beauty and skincare led Mulu to seek professional training abroad and she took the necessary courses in Houston, Texas.


Equipped with internationally recognized professional training in all aspects of skin care and massage, Mulu returned to Addis and opened Byogenic Beauty SPA providing a range of affordable and different skin care regimes including massage. Initially however although Mulu had the expertise, all her equipment needed to come from abroad and this took considerable time and required lots of patience and persistence. No business had ever brought in these types of machinery before and Mulu had to painstakingly explain what the functions of all the machines were!


Once Byogenic Beauty Spa opened, Mulu initially provided the skin care services herself along with two employees that she trained – foreigners in town were of course familiar with the Beauty Spa concept and delighted to see a professional one open in Addis and they soon became regular and frequent customers! It took longer to capture the Ethiopian market however as this was a new concept and there had really only been hair salons around town. However, the concept soon caught on and before long Mulu had more customers than she and her two colleagues could cope with so it became necessary to train more women in the art of beauty and skin care.


With the flourishing success of her business Mulu also wanted to be able to help young women and she began producing community awareness segments on TV and Radio as well as facial and make up demonstrations through different Women’s Associations and in Schools.

The enthusiastic response she received led to the decision to develop and open the 1st skin care school in town training both men and women; the response to this Centre was overwhelmingly positive.  The training center began its 1ST course, with 43 trainees, and today the center has evolved and has proudly graduated 1500 professionals.  It has recently relocated to a new space in Meganenya. The Byogenic Beauty Spot Training Center offers a variety of courses to create skilled beauty specialists. The Center trains students in the following beauty and skin care skills: Facials, a variety of Massages, Reflexology, Manicure/Pedicure, Waxing/Threading, Makeup as well as Spa Supervisor and Receptionists.


The positive impact of the center can be observed through the success of its many graduates many of whom have gone on to establish their own practices or gain employment at other well-known SPA’s in town and even abroad like Dubai, Djibouti.


Mulu has been proud to watch the development and success of her employees and students and many of her original team members are still with her.


Although Mulu is happy to run the business of Byogenic behind the scenes these days and leaving the day-to-day work to her talented team, goals for the future of the business include the training center evolving from vocational to institute level.

“Beautiful Skin requires Commitment Not a Miracle”

Lafto Mall (Old Airport)

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