Gergesenon mental disability center has collected 262 severe mental patients from the streets for the last 10 years; 85 became fully recovered and rejoined society and their old lives.


The main focus of Gergesenon is to collect mental patients off the streets and different religious sites to provide them with shelter, food and medication and to look after them like family. But the feeding situation is a serious problem for Gergesenon as there is no income or government funding; patients are being fed by volunteers or visitors so there are times when the patients don’t get any food if volunteers or visitors are not available – this has been the challenge for the center and it remains the case unless the center is able to receive constant income.


However, the biggest challenge is the lack of awareness society has towards this disease; people refuse to cooperate in the process of collecting patients from the streets and transferring them to the center. It is difficult to tansport them by taxi since drivers consider the patients to be violent and dangerous. Moreover, people do not want to get near these patients for fear of being attacked or getting dirty and most people can’t stand the smell of the patient. These are why it makes it difficult to move these people from place to place.


Currently Gergesenon is now taking care of over 75 mental patients. Gergesenon has been improving its service in order to make the center suitable for the mental patients. These improvements include:

Daily feeding program

Coordinating volunteer doctors to come and medicate patients

Free medicine being provided by government institutions

The association began with only two volunteers at the start but has evolved into hundreds and the association receives many visitors every Sunday.



Tel:      0912 18 88 76

09 22 82 12 35

Kuskuam (up the hill on the way to Entoto)

Next to the water resource office  after you pass the No. 17 Bus Mazoriya