Mouth painting is a technique used to create drawings, paintings and other works of art by maneuvering brushes and other tools with the mouth. The technique is mostly used by artists who have no use of their hands, either through illness, accident or congenital disability. The Association of Mouth and Foot Painting Artists (AMFPA) is a worldwide organization representing these artists.


The brushes and tools that are used are ordinary artist’s implements, but they may be modified in length or width. Mouth painters hold the brush in their mouth or between their teeth and maneuver it with their tongue and cheek muscles. The paper or canvas is usually mounted vertically on an easel.


Yosef Bekele is an extraordinary artist from Ethiopia. He is married with three kids and started painting with his mouth and foots at a young age. It’s hard to believe that his works of art have all been painted with his mouth. Yosef discovered this unusual ability during early childhood and now uses it to create beautiful abstract paintings with his mouth.


Art knows no boundaries, and it certainly does not know any hindrances either. This especially applies to 46-year-old Yosef Bekele, who despite being specially-abled, has not given up his passion for painting and has gone on to make quite a name for himself.


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