Noosphere Affairs Plc strives to contribute to the national effort of producing an empowered and productive generation; Education remains one of the key pillars to assist us in implementing our vision. Our first educational annual expo, Back to School Ethiopia gathered together to share their exceptional practices and knowledge with students, parents and the public and the event was held at the United Nation Economic Commission for Africa (UNECA-CC) on August 10-13/2017.


The platform amassed educational institutions ranging from pre-education, special needs centers, inclusive education schools, primary & secondary, and higher education institutions in various study fields. Educational material suppliers and solution providers also exhibited a one stop shopping experience that helped students and parents to prepare for the school year.


Noosphere Affairs plc is currently organizing the 2nd round of educational expo that will be held at Addis Ababa Exhibition center from July 6 – 11/2018.

It is anticipated that the six-day expo will attract local and international institutions to gather together to reveal the best educational practices and to endorse bi-lateral cultural relations. This is key for professional partnerships in the future. Back to School Ethiopia Expo policy dialogue sessions & deliberations, interactive & educational competitions, and recreational & informative entertainment packages will enhance and advance the education sector with factual lessons that commemorate demographic variances. Unlike other educational events, Back to School Ethiopia Expo has the full support of the FDRE Ministry of Education and other affiliated governmental and professional associations.

Noosphere Multimedia P.L.C, our sister company, started an educational informative radio program, Debtera Geezaan, which airs every Monday from 9-10pm in collaboration with Ahadu Radio. The main objective of the radio program, an affiliated member of Back to School Ethiopia Expo, is to empower citizens with factual and interesting aspects of life to bring-forth a quality of life in general and focusing on education in particular. Contact address includes, +251983933308, Facebook, Debtera Geezaan Radio Program, email,

There will be competitions, which will gather programmers, designers, problem solvers and entrepreneurs at the national level attempting to tackle various issues by leveraging technology. There will also be one focusing on architecture organized in collaboration with Addis Ababa University. The main objective will be to inspire designers to come up with environmentally friendly ideas that will serve our community better.

For full information on the Back to school Ethiopia Expo, +25111 833 2334, +251974082036/37, Facebook/Instagram/LinkedIn/twitter/YouTube