Hailing from Brazil, Ethiopia, France, India, Malaysia and the USA, six young photographers discuss their work and their advice on breaking into the field and where they find inspiration.  Although there are now more women than men pursuing degrees in photography, female photographers remain mysteriously absent from front pages and awards lists, their presence missing on panels and in staff positions. Determined to help rectify this imbalance, Omolara Uthma spoke to six women from five continents to highlight their incredible work. All under the age of 25, these young women are changing the face of photography, one portrait at a time.


Tsion Haileselassie, 25, Ethiopia (@zionhaileselassie)

Tsion Haileselassie became interested in photography after she graduated from college. She started by taking pictures on her iPhone and her hobby blossomed into a full-fledged passion. Through her use of perspective and symmetry, Tsion’s photographs celebrate the people of her city, Addis Ababa. She describes her style as “street” and “minimalistic,” and she takes shots that convey a lot of emotion with orderly composition. “Patterns and symmetry add a unique perspective to my images,” she says.


Her favourite series is called “Colors of Merkato.” The series is inspired by what Tsion views in Merkato, the largest open-air market in all of Africa. Tsion appreciates Merkato and its “gritty yet beautiful aesthetic.”


Tsion believes you can take great photos, no matter the gear. Most of her shots are taken on her smartphone and she thinks they’re just as good as the photographs taken on her camera. Her advice to fledgling photographers is to “seek inspirations wherever you can and learn from the world around you.”


SOURCE: www.assembly.malala.org