Enheed, which means let’s go in Amharic, promotes the importance of establishing and maintaining a connection to one’s culture and roots, no matter the distance. A Canadian-based non-profit, it facilitates experiential learning programs for diaspora youth to experience Ethiopia first hand. Founded with one central goal in mind: to bridge the gap between Ethiopia and the youth of the Ethiopian diaspora, it has sent its 3rd Cohort to Ethiopia this July of 2018. This cohort is made up of Wafa, Nathan, Aziza, and Kaleb. Wafa is at Meseret Humanitarian Organization and Gobeze. Nathan is at Bluemoon. Aziza is at Maternal and Child Health Directorate. And Kaleb is at the African Union – Citizens and Diaspora Directorate.


In order to bridge that gap, Enheed has mapped out a month’s worth of cultural experiences, volunteer opportunities, and meetings with top business and cultural leaders. The expectation is that the youth participating in the program will do more than just see all the most interesting tourist destinations in the country – they will meet the real people of Ethiopia who are driving the country forward.


Each week of the program includes visits to top changemakers in the Ethiopian capital. There, they get a sense of the people who are architecting the future of Ethiopia. As part of these meetings with change makers, for example, they will go on tours of the headquarters of Ethiopian Airlines, Ethiopia Commodity Exchange, and the African Union. They also visit museums and other sites of cultural significance. In this way, they get a view of Ethiopia that simply does not exist in tourist guidebooks.


What makes this month-long experience really stand out is that all the youth participate in extensive volunteer opportunities during their stay in Ethiopia. In this way, they share their own skills and experiences with the local community and meet every day Ethiopians. There is simply no better experience than volunteering alongside people who care deeply and passionately about the future of the country.


Being able to see the links between Ethiopia and other parts of the world is truly an unforgettable experience, and one that creates a strong sense of service in the minds of the participants. By choosing to become a volunteer with Enheed, they will realize how important it is to serve their country of origin, no matter where they are located in the world. They will realize that they are part of something bigger, and that sense of unity can motivate and inspire them to accomplish great things in life.


To learn more about Enheed, we encourage you to head to www.enheed.org, and follow @enheed on social media to follow our journey. To get involved or partnership opportunities email info@enheed.org