Dr Zebib is the only first Ethiopian scientist to be awarded this FLAIR fellowship out of 30 researchers from across Africa. She is an associate Professor at Adigrat University and also works closely with the experts in the field internationally including Canada, Europe, and South Africa. The award is £300,000 Pound (12 million birr), which will significantly further her, research, training and leadership goals.


The Awardees were selected from a pool of over 700 applicants and they will undertake research projects in the area of renewable energy; food security; water and health, as these are the main challenges facing Africans today.


Dr Zebib’s research project focuses on synthesizing and prototyping of cost effective selective solar absorber surface based on Cactus pear “beles” in order to heat water/cook/pasteurize milk in rural areas of Africa where installation of electricity is difficult. This application has the potential to alleviate many of the problems facing African today.


FLAIR is generously funded by the Royal Society with the support from the Uk’s Global Challenge Research Fund (GCRF) in partnership with the African Academy of Science for talented African early career researchers who have the potential to become leaders in their field.


The African Academy of Sciences and The Royal Society team welcomed the exceptional future leader grantees in Kenya on the 4th April 2019.