Just one year ago, CHOO CHOO Promotions Journey to create unique experiences began with the very first All-Electronic/House Music event featuring talented producers and musicians from all across the globe doing impromptu collaborations on stage. That event was named ‘FULLHOUSE’.


After the first event’s success and how well the audience responded to it, two more FULLHOUSE events followed three months apart held at different venues and introducing some of the best producers from Europe to the city of Addis. One project aimed to do a collaboration between Emanuel Satie, an award winning producer and DJ based in Berlin and Ethiopian traditional musicians to create a unique sound clash between the two cultures. The exciting result is that these songs that have been in the works for the past three months, will be released in late January across all platforms including Spotify, Soundcloud and YouTube!


BiRA BiRO was the fourth project undertaken by CHOO CHOO Promotions to create a world-class festival experience featuring some of the best commercial DJs and visual artists. The event was a huge success as it boasted an attendance of thousands of fans and huge media coverage.


The next FULLHOUSE will take place on the 10th of February at Villa Verde and will feature very talented international acts including M.A.N.D.Y and Patrischa from Berlin and Zurich. It will also feature the up and coming talented Ethiopian house DJ ARMAGHEDION.

The next BiRA BiRO will be on the 21st of April and will feature some of the biggest names in the world supported by extremely talented Ethiopian producers like ROPHNAN and ST3V3.

The target audience for BiRA BiRO is primarily progressive young adults from the age of 16 – 30 and for

FULLHOUSE, “early adopters” those people of all ages who welcome new sounds or dare to try something new, as well as  opinion leaders. Age range is all-inclusive!


Our purpose going forward is to promote and create the right stage for talent while creating a beautiful experience for the audience. In addition to CHOO CHOO Events, we are also in the process of setting up ‘CHOO CHOO Artists’ dedicated to managing artists and finding them international gigs, stages, collaborations and to also manage their image and business affairs.


Contact info:

Guta Wakuma – Founder

+251911671831 gutaeth@gmail.com

Photo credit: Aron