Three bricklayers were building a place of worship. A gentleman came by and asked each one what he was doing. The first bricklayer said, “I am laying this line of bricks”. The second bricklayer said, “I am building a wall”. The third bricklayer said, gleefully, “I am building a magnificent temple where people will be able to come and worship God for generations, even centuries, to strengthen their spiritual lives”.


Obviously, the third man had a better grasp of the purpose and significance of his work than did the other two men.


Is there a relationship between having a higher purpose and health?

In her book “Mind over Medicine” – scientific proof that your body can heal itself (3500 documented cases) – Lissa Rankin, M.D. mentions 9 Key Factors Affecting Radical Remission From Cancer (when someone heals from cancer without Western medicine or after Western medicine has failed) and one of the factor is having strong reasons for living.


The mind is immensely powerful and the relationship between mind and body should never be underestimated. All thoughts and emotions affect every cell in the body and manifest physiologically. For example, angry and disturbed person develops an acid system. Emotions also alter endocrine balance, impair blood supply and blood pressure, impede digestion, temperature, and produce a sustained state of emotional stress, causing physiological changes that lead to disease.


To the contrary, true health is the harmony of life within us, consisting of peace of mind, happiness, and well-being. Such a person radiates peace and happiness and everyone in his presence automatically feels happy and contented.


Thus, the optimum state for each individual is to live in complete harmony with nature and the surrounding environment.

Every person has the potential for perfect health. And a positive attitude and a purpose driven life is a major step toward creating such a vibrant health.


Let me finish with the following wonderful quote from one of my Heroes, Dr. Dean Ornish: “Poor health is not caused by something you don’t have; it’s caused by disturbing something that you already have. Healthy is not something that you need to get, it’s something you have already if you don’t disturb it.”

In Health,


Dr. Dawit Mengistu