Written by Arabella Stewart in conversation with Ambassador Pavel Mikeš

This unusual and beautifully illustrated book entitled “Moudrost Etiopie (Wisdom of Ethiopia), is a fascinating and unique collection of two hundred Amharic proverbs. The book is particularly special in the sense that it is bilingual – Amharic and Czech.


The Amharic is written in Fidel and also transcribed into Latin script enabling those who speak some Amharic (but unable to read or write in Amharic), the pleasure of being able to read the Proverbs as well as enjoy the exquisite illustrations.


The two authors of this book have a special connection to Ethiopia.

Mr. Z. Poláček, was a former Czech Ambassador to Ethiopia (and before that a lecturer at Addis Ababa University) and he is fluent in Amharic and Geez. The second author is the present Czech Ambassador to Ethiopia, Pavel Mikeš who has been in the position since 2018. In 2008 -2010 he served in Ethiopia as Political Advisor at the EU Delegation to African Union and prior to that Pavel Mikeš was a student at Addis Ababa University studying anthropology and linguistics, in the early 1990ies.


The best contemporary Czech illustrator Mr. Boris Jirku illustrated the book, upon request of the two authors. Mr. Jirku indicated initially that his illustrations were very expensive and that it was very likely that they could not afford his artistic skills! However, after reading the book Boris Jirku admitted that he liked the proverbs so much that he agreed to illustrate the book for free! And so he did.


The book introduces traditional Ethiopian culture to the Czech public. It also displays the beauty of Fidel to the Czech people.


The book can be obtained via the Czech online bookshop www.kosmas.cz 

Or from the online shop of the publisher