If you like deli submarine style sandwiches (meat, chicken, pork mortadella and/or cheese) on freshly baked (onsite) bread (white/barley/oats) rolls (6 inch or 12 inch) in a spotlessly clean café where you can watch the sandwich being made and be assured that the meat is sourced from a quality farm, then head for Prime Deli.  In fact it was because of the quality of the meat, sourced from his farm in Bishoftu (providing upper end supermarkets, hotels and burger restaurants since 2007) that owner Dr. Kassahun Abberu decided that now was the time to open a deli.


Inspired by the high standard of quality food while visiting Germany and Belgium, he wanted to create that same high standard here in Ethiopia. Prime Deli allows the customer to stop by for a freshly prepared sandwich or take home fresh cut meat products that can also be preordered for convenient after work pick up.


There are 22 types of fresh cuts available for home cooking; Prime Deli prides itself on catering to people with busy lifestyles that still want to eat well and for being the kind of place where you can stop by with your kids over the weekends.


Customers can also order from any Addis location through Deliver Addis or 0966 784242 or 0966 784243


Prime Meat for special orders contact the Prime Butcher directly:

Diederich Vannieauwenhuyse, a Belgian butcher, with 40 years of experience 0930291722


Prime Deli is located on EU/Mickey Leland Street opposite Washington Hotel.