These fabulous females have all played a significant role in ensuring that more than 300 primary school children in the Dahana village, Amhara Region, are now served a meal a day in their school.


The provision of a school meal a day has resulted in no more school drop outs, 100% attendance and improved students’ performance.

The project that has generated these results is the Ethiopian School Meal Initiative (ESMI), initiated and run by the organization with the same name and financed by the Embassy of Sweden.


In the Dahana village it started 3 years ago with 10 cows. The cows produce milk every day, some of them up to 25 liters a day, which is boiled and processed and later used as food for the children.


The extra milk produced is sold to the surrounding communities.


The project is now financially sustainable and ran entirely by the school in assistance with the community. This model, with a dairy farm and model kitchen, is now up and running serving the kids with milk and bread every day.