A new railway academy worth 1.57 billion Birr will be constructed in Bishoftu, said the Ethiopian Railways Corporation. Construction, in two phases, will begin next year, and take two years. On completion of the first phase, the academy will be ready to receive 1,000 trainees and will incorporate administrative buildings, meeting halls, dining rooms, dormitories, and instructors’ residences. The Corporation spent five million dollars training 254 operators in China.


Sudanese President Omar al-Bashir has announced plans to build a railway system linking Sudan to Ethiopia and South Sudan. “We will connect [Sudan’s] railway lines to Ethiopia,” al-Bashir said while inaugurating a new trainline linking Khartoum to the city of Wad Madani, the regional capital of Sudan’s central El Gezira State. “We also seek to link our railway to South Sudan so that it might serve as a transit hub with Kenya and Uganda, thus facilitating the movement of people and goods to those countries,” al-Bashir added.


Landlocked Ethiopia and South Sudan depend on seaports in neighbouring states Sudan, Djibouti and Kenya to export goods abroad. Ethiopia and Sudan cooperate in cross-border integration projects in the power sector and road and telecommunications networks.

Last February, multiple agreements signed to further boost cooperation on a wide range of developments.

Source: Ethiopian Embassy, UK