Dancing has always been a major part of my life. I was born in Jamaica and at age 5 I attended a famous school for Performing Arts in Kingston where I took dance very seriously and knew I wanted to be in dance. A few years later my family migrated to London, UK where I became very good friends with an Ethiopian girl at school. Since then I’ve always had an interest in Ethiopian culture and after I watched a professional dance company perform traditional Eskista choreography, I was blown away! I had never seen African dance like this my whole life!


My first trip to Ethiopia was in 2007 for 10 days for the celebration of the Ethiopian Millennium New Year. I prepared a solo dance piece never seen before in Ethiopia. I was so excited for this opportunity! It was well received by thousands of people in the audience and I felt I made an impact and definitely wanted to return in the future. My dance solo was an African-Caribbean fusion dance with contemporary ballet to two Bob Marley songs and a modern Artist from Jamaica who sang about Ethiopia.  I taught modern dance for a year at Addis Ababa University to BA Theatre students and various International schools such as Andinet and Sandford to name a few.


What motivates me in life is knowing my life’s purpose. Sharing the love I have for dance with children. I teach dance full time at LionHeart Academy here in Addis Ababa. Working with children who are brave thinkers and bold learners inspires me to keep going. Reggae-Aerobics is a dance fitness class, which I have coined as “InnerZeal Reggae-Robics” a dance exercise to Reggae music. I produced a DVD called “InnerZeal Reggae-Robics Dancercise” which is an instructional video for the entire body and family fitness fun. “Put as much in as you’d like to get out!”  It’s for all fitness levels, age, gender and sizes.


To participate in Addis Ababa classes you should have some experience in aerobics but it is not essential. Some of my ReggaeRobics customers have found a strong dislike for exercise in general and as a result they found Reggae-Robics easier to manage because the music is enjoyable and the dance steps are easy to follow.  You build stamina and strength and it’s a unique style I created five years ago. Reggae-Robics will “boost your energy, relieve stress” – dancing continuously. I spent many years researching appropriate Reggae songs from Jamaica with lyrics that geared your mind and body with encouragement, and the up beat sounds that propels your body to keep moving and never give up. The workout takes you through a variety of movements that involves your brain and body coordination uniquely designed to improve your rhythmic ability.


Tilla Health Club for evening classes every Monday and Friday 7.30-8.30pm.

Daily Price is 225 birr for non members Or 150 birr for members. 

Khul Holistic Development Center by Olympia roundabout – located on the 9th floor of Retina Building. Weekly classes cost 200br with monthly discounts available.


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