Bati Al Mandi
In front of Yoli Building

Known for: Arabian food
7days week $$$ T C

Beer Garden Inn Restaurant
Behind Edna mall

Known for: Home brewed beer and European Dishes

Monday closed $$$NqCT

Broz Bar, Restaurant and Pizzeria
Next to Boston Day Spa on Bole Road

Known for:  Pizza and Tibs

7 days a week $$ NqYT

Bunni Cafe & Restaurant
In front of the . Greek Embassy. Near Global Hotel

Known for: Wrap sandwiches

7 days a week $$$YT


Burger Shack
Around Gotera Bridge – Gotera Condominium 66/02

Known for: Different style burgers
7 days a week$$YqT

Carnivore Addis
From Meskel Sq. On the road to Bambis. Same building as Abyssinia Supermarket

Known for: Buffets on Tuesdays, Thursdays & Saturdays

7 days a week $$$ YT

Center point Revolving Restaurant

Known for: European Dish

7 days a week $$$ YT

≈251 911-12-70-91
China Bar & Restaurant
Next to Ghion Hotel

Known for: One of the

Oldest restaurants in Addis

7 days a week $$$ T

Clay Pot Restaurant
Gerji, 100 meters from Kadisco Hospital

Known for: Korean Fire Beef, Pepper Steak, Veggie Platter, Ginger Martini...

7 days a week $$$ T

Continental european
Addis Ababa Golf Club Old Airport opposite Swiss E.

Known for: BBQ on weekends

7 days a week $$$ YqNT

≈011-320-1893 / 091-320-1893