The purpose of Diplomat Corner is to enable producers, manufacturers and traders to sell their product directly to the end user using ecommerce. Shoppers can easily access, compare and shop online for all the products they need and enjoy home to home delivery service. Current partner supermarkets and stores include: vBambis, Safeway, Allmart, Fantu, Queens, Mumul Bakery, Fresh Corner, Abafani, Liquor Depot, Maheder food complex.

The company is also finalizing working on partnerships with farmers, SMEs and unions to enable them to supply and sell their products directly to the end user using our page. In addition they are partnering with logistic companies to delivery directly from farm to consumer/shopper. It is anticipated that this will create additional job opportunities for youths as well as increase the revenue of farmers and SMEs all over the country within the next two years!

Kedame Gebeya provides a full multi-channel approach to the online shopping experience in Ethiopia. The site creates access for shoppers to buy consumable grocery items and healthy products online from major and trusted stores in Addis. Customer service is at the forefront and will enable the company to retain their position as specialists in the business of online grocery shopping from the comfort of your home of office.

Why you should choose

  • Hub for major stores in Addis – shop online without going to the actual stores
  • Save money – online price is the cheapest one
  • No need with the hassle of driving here and there to buy your groceries
  • Place your order online anytime anywhere with a single click
  • Clearly view all the products for sale
  • There is a Return policy (terms and conditions will apply)
  • On time delivery door to door


Phone: 0911108874