Alemayehu Bekele is an amazing self-taught string artist. “I taught myself through trial and error. I started producing string art because my teacher Efrem Nigussie who was the chairperson of the design course at the time inspired me through his classes about creativity.  Small string artwork may take me a day or two to create after the design has been planned. More complicated and larger creations can take a week or more to complete. Many of my larger complex creations are based on mathematical formulas with artistic expression, which express my emotions and symbolic representation of the universe. First drawn on paper. This serves as a pattern that is then nailed on to the material-covered or black painted wood background with pins. The paper pattern is later removed, with the pins remaining to outline the design.


I like to express time and events in my artwork, for example ‘Meskerem’ or the first month of Ethiopian year expresses how the environment changes into green and the weather becomes sunny again, giving new hope for all Ethiopians.


As most of my creations are an “optical illusion”, I always enjoy reminding people that the curves they think are created with straight lines of single strings connected with one pin to another are actually created with curves of color; it is all in the viewer’s eye. When people see a circle, they are looking at an optical illusion created by straight lines.

This taught me that many things are not always what they seem!

I studied architecture at Mekelle University but pursued my love of art through art classes I took in the summers”.


People can buy my works of art at my studio ALEBET string art studio or Makush  Art Gallery, Entoto Beth artisan, and Sabegn.

Facebook page ALEBET string art.

Contact: Alemayehu Bekele, 0920220226


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