SUN Chips appeared on the scene last year and are available at select supermarkets around the city. They are made from the best 100% Ethiopian potatoes using 100% Holland production technology, maintaining 100% High Health Standards and 100% Quality resulting in the best 100% Taste! Your Sunny Moment!

Sun Chips started making chips because of the great potential of potatoes in Ethiopia; the great climate in the beautiful highlands, fertile soil and great potatoes. So they work together with Ethiopian farmers and supply them with the best inputs, materials and agricultural knowledge when needed so that their hard work results in growing perfect potatoes. The goal of the company is to increase the yields of as many farmers as possible so that their income is improved significantly. They select the best potatoes according to their strict quality standards and always pay fair prices. This is to make sure all small farmers can grow their businesses and from the great soil that exists in all the Ethiopian highlands, they always produce the best potatoes.

100% Holland production technology – Sun Chips wants to produce the best chips and for that they use the highest international standard production technology from Holland. This means that they control all parts of the process, always have the same perfect thickness and always use fresh and pure 100% sunflower oil. They produce with Ethiopian potatoes in Ethiopia but call this 100% Holland technology.

100% High Health Standards – they always want to deliver high quality but also a very safe and healthy product. Therefor the company only uses pure and healthy inputs for their product with no artificial colors or preservatives and the product does not contain any cholesterol or trans fat! Also they invest in the all the food safety standards during production and conform to both Ethiopian and international regulation to ensure 100% High Health Standards.

Sun Chips always want to deliver the best product and taste for customers to enjoy and share together. On top of that they want to deliver the best service to their customers and consumers.

100% Best Taste – You can taste quality when you try a chip. They also use high quality packaging so that no light or air can reach the chips. That is how they keep the best taste in the bag. Choose from the flavors Natural and Paprika, but follow Sun Chips on Facebook because there is more to come!

At school or work, with friends when having drinks, at the movies or any moment you want to enjoy. That’s what SUN Chips gives: Your Sunny Moment

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