In orthodox or conventional medicine , the tendency is to hand over responsibility to the doctor and expect him or her to cure all ills while in all holistic therapies, emphasis is placed on taking responsibility for one’s own state of health.


There are about 100 trillion cells in a human body working toward a common end – the maintenance of a healthy individual. The human body is amazingly resilient. It usually takes an enormous amount of abuse before manifesting signs of disease and will respond extremely well if treated kindly.

Illness is a natural expression of what is happening inside the body. It is pointless to treat this with superficial drugs designed to suppress the problem because the seat of the disease may be in a different part of the body from the one in which it manifests.


The fact of the matter is that every person has the potential for perfect health. It may require effort and dedication, but the rewards are often tremendous. It is a matter of CHOICE.

When we make choices, we are taking responsibility and exerting a degree of control over our own lives. Making choices is the process of taking responsibility and exerting a degree of control over our own lives. This is a major determinant in how disease progresses.

In fact, everything we do or don’t do – that is, everything we choose affects us either positively or negatively. Nothing is neutral in our choices.


A person can choose to eat healthily and live a healthy lifestyle – it clearly makes a difference over the long term. If your health is already impaired, these choices can make a difference now. Only you can choose a better and healthier life. It is about making one good choice after another.


We have choices. At the very least we have choices that can, and do, have a significant influence on whether our health declines quickly or slowly. Those choices may even determine whether a person dies relatively young, live to be 80 but feel miserable the last 25 years, or have a long active healthy life.

There is indeed a better way. The optimum state for each individual is to live in complete harmony with nature and the surrounding environment. And this is a matter of CHOICE.

In Health


Dr. Dawit Mengistu