Based in Addis Ababa, Merewa Addis Choir is a musical ensemble of young Ethiopian singers who are trying to implement a constructive influence within the country’s extreme diverse music culture.


Merewa Choir was founded almost four years ago by Ethiopians; all of them are involved within the music profession.


Some of them are/were students or instructors at Yared Music School of Addis Ababa University or at Jazz Amba School of Music (Gullele Sub-city, Addis Ababa), and others are lecturers of music and musical instruments at public universities such as Wolkite University. Even though they have only been together for four years, the group of 11 members currently has attracted Ethiopia’s media attention with their new and evocative music style.


In general, despite the fact that music has a long history in the country (at least as far back to the 6th century and the time of Saint Yared who was a highly regarded composer, scholar and pioneer of musical notations), choir and choral music are not much known in Ethiopia. Most Ethiopians consider choir and choral music as something affiliated to church – according to one Merewa Choir’s member in his recent interview with EBS TV’s Sunday Show “Sunday with EBS.” During the interview, the group said that they have received positive and encouraging responses with the affirmative feedback they are receiving, which has become a motivation to work even harder! Initially they were cautiously optimistic as they were not sure if the public would like or accept them when they first began.


Almost all of the members are not only naturally gifted in music but also academically and professionally and thus Merewa Choir is a serious activity for all of them with ambition. They have their own choir music arranger and will soon produce original works beyond covering the works of other singers. Consequently, their aim is to bring traditional Ethiopian music to the harmony of choral music.


Currently the choir performs at Embassies and Hotels. If you want to hear them or book them contact them!


093 615 8866 or 0913 722 211

SOURCE; Artistic Ethiopia