Beauty Tips and Suggestions compiled

by Rachel Berhane Araya



Don’t forget to moisturize – having extra dry skin can trigger something called “keratosis pilaris” which causes dry and rough skin. Use  oil-based moisturizers to add a protective layer to your skin. These can help retain moisture much better than water-based ones.


Protect your hands – the skin here is thinner than other parts of the human body. Use alcohol-free sanitizers and soap to avoid having chapping, parched hands.


Use honey  – mix with sugar granules to create a scrub to soften stubborn, dry, rough patches on your knees and elbows. Honey and sugar also helps increase your blood circulation.


Hydrate your skin – Drinking water helps dehydrated skin. You should drink several glasses of water throughout the day which benefits your body both inside and outside. When you feel thirsty, this is the signal that your body is getting dehydrated so you should drink water throughout the day especially when you are flying as the air is dry and you will need lots of water to keep hydrated.