Offering service to 124 countries and being the fastest-growing air cargo brand around the world, Turkish Cargo brought three young lionesses Luca, Charlie, Kai and young lion Nathan to their natural habitat in South Africa. Respecting the rights of the animals throughout the journey, the lion’s journey started from Kiev with a connecting flight from Istanbul.


The young lion Nathan and the three young lionesses Luca, Charlie and Kai had been used as circus animals and had been placed in a concrete and steel cage of 35 square meters in Ukraine under harsh conditions without direct sunlight and clean air and far away from their natural habitat.

The lions were saved by the Lawrence Anthony World Organization (LAEO), an organization that acts with the mission of defending animal rights, and were transported to their natural habitat in South Africa under sponsorship by global air cargo brand Turkish Cargo. The lions were transported in specially designed containers, where their nutritional needs were met and they were accompanied by their keepers, specially assigned veterinarians, an authorized person from the Lawrence Anthony World Organization and IATA LAR (IATA Live Animals Regulations) certificated Turkish Cargo personnel during the flight.


After a long flight covering almost 9 thousand kilometers, the lions were set free at Kragga Kamma Natural Park, a natural habitat embracing huge animal populations of Africa and offering all-green coastal forests and meadows extending along 14 thousand square meters. Initially after some adjustment difficulties getting used to their own habitat the lions began to discover their real habitat and newfound freedom.


Having ratified the ‘United For Wildlife (Buckingham Palace) Declaration (UFW)’ in 2017 for the purpose of preventing illegal wildlife trade and increasing the industrial awareness thereto, Turkish Airlines has highlighted its cognizance of the live animal transportation processes and animal rights.

Showing utmost care for live animal transportation service and creating real-like natural habitats on the skies, Turkish Cargo takes the IATA LAR regulations and the CITES guidelines as the reference for the acceptance, storage and shipment processes, and it meticulously implements the documentation, encaging, labeling and marking guidelines as described under the said regulations.


Offering service to 124 countries and being the fastest-growing air cargo brand around the world, Turkish Cargo has been carrying out the air cargo transportation operations of Turkish Airlines, the “rising star” of Turkey, since 1933.”Turkish Cargo” carried a total of 1.4 million tons cargo in 2018, ranking it among the top 10 international air cargo carriers. Operating with the fleet of Turkish Airlines, our flag-carrier main brand, including 336 aircraft (passenger aircraft and freighters), Turkish Cargo provides air cargo service to more than 300 destinations including 86 direct cargo destinations. The triumphant air cargo brand plans to operate direct flights to 150 destinations by 2023.

Turkish Cargo aims to be one of the top five global air cargo brands in line with the vision set for 2023, marking the centennial of foundation of the Republic of Turkey.