When I attempted to locate Village, I got lost, as there was no sign but the giveaway was the DeliverAddis motorcycle parked outside a restaurant with no sign but nonetheless a buzz with activity – diners and people perched at the bar – laughter, chatter, music and plenty of atmosphere! This had to be the place – no name, no worry!


Village is a located in the heart of Addis right opposite Saint Estifanos Church near Meskal Square and next to the Palace grounds. It is part of an old complex which Village owner and creator Brook/Biruk Solomon hopes to turn into an Urban Village Center. It has been in the family for many years.


After college in the USA, Brook was in no doubt about wanting to return home to live and work.  He had a passion for using local ingredients as much as possible as well as hiring and training people and helping them to expand and enhance their skill base.   As well as working with farmers to ensure all ingredients are fresh. Deciding upon a Mexican restaurant in Addis was definitely niche market but focusing on freshly prepared and delicious food, the word soon spread and Village needed no real promotion to get people through the doors!


You will find all your Mexican favorites on the menu and some surprising extras like roasted slightly salted olives as appetizers and a specialty product that will be on sale soon Avocado Oil.  Rest assured that Vegans, Vegetarians and Meat eaters can all enjoy tasty food here.  Village is also at the forefront of crafting a wide variety of unique cocktails such blended fruit Margaritas and their local twist on the classic mojito – Tej Mojito!


Village is a family-owned establishment and is intent on upholding strong values in delivering legendary customer service.



Meskel Square, in front of estifanos church

Tel: 0911454275 or 0115583132