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Through partnerships of several maternal focused organizations working together in Ethiopia, women who live in isolated communities without access to electricity and unable to get to a hospital or clinic to give birth, are able to give birth safely at home aided by mobile solar suitcases carried by midwives. We Care Solar promotes safe motherhood and reduces maternal mortality by providing health workers with reliable lighting, mobile communication, and medical devices using solar electricity. We Care Solar designs solar-powered systems to meet essential maternity care needs. The portable suitcase-size system is immediately operational. It can be mounted as a permanent system and expanded to power computers and blood bank refrigerators.


Since 2012, GreenLamp has reached over one million women and touches the lives of five million people in rural Ethiopia.

GreenLamp supports community-based projects empowering women and girls to reach their full potential.  GreenLamp-sponsored the Hamlin Midwifery Alumni Summit, recently held in Addis Ababa, along with sessions provided by We Care Solar and the Solar Foundation in Ethiopia. The event brought together past and present graduates to attend workshops to extend skills in midwifery, develop mentoring and leadership skills, as well as facilitating the midwives to share their skills and experience with each other. Congratulations to these Hamlin College of Midwives Class of 2018 who recently graduated after 4 years of study! Two of the students were also sponsored by GreenLamp.


Dr. Catherine Hamlin who is still going strong at 94 years of age continues to inspire and impress all those around her! Catherine had a dream to establish a midwifery college in Addis so that rural women would not have to trek for days to Addis or a center with a clinic, to receive specialized treatment. That vision resulted in the Midwifery College in Addis accepting students from rural communities all across the country; graduates are obligated and committed to return to these rural communities areas and sign a contract that they will work in these areas for a number of years. By returning and serving their local communities in this vital way also means that these girls become role models for other young women who may opt to take that same training. Dr Hamlin recently met with the new Ethiopian Minister of Health and Ethiopia’s First Lady in her tireless efforts to promote the wonderful work of the Hamlin Foundation.


GreenLamp is big on sustainability ensuring the Solar Suitcases from their first Light for Life Project in 2014 continue to work effectively as their batteries wear out; their project team worked closely with Hamlin Fistula Ethiopia and the Regional Health Bureaus to develop an efficient battery replacement program, recently signing new MOU’s with all five regions of Ethiopia. Greenlamp’s Solar Suitcase (developed by We Care Solar) initiative provides sustainable, clean power, improving safety and protecting patient dignity in rural delivery wards.


Working closely with the Hamlin College of Midwives, We Care Solar and the UBS Optimus Foundation, GreenLamp has funded 166 Solar Suitcases in Ethiopia, reaching over 1 million women of reproductive age. More than 280 Solar Suitcases have been installed in Ethiopian health centers in partnership with Hamlin College of Midwives and every midwife graduates with knowledge of the Solar Suitcase and is placed in a clinic with our compact power solution.   In 2018, GreenLamp also partnered with Pathfinder, to reach 100 more health centers with their portable power boxes.


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