The wildlife odyssey began at a very young age for Aziz Ahmed; a journey that was to become filled with passion, sacrifice, courage, and hope. From the age of four Aziz often used to accompany his father on hunting trips in the wild. Although born in Addis Ababa these explorer trips helped Aziz realize his passion for the countryside and wildlife of Ethiopia. At age 18 he landed his first job as a Rift Valley safari-hunting guide where he worked for some years.


Aziz then started his journey in videography & photography primarily from capturing moments and events of the wildlife of Ethiopia as he encountered them. He had soon gained unparalleled experience within the field of travel, as a tour guide and shooting bird photography across the country. His journeys and exploration have covered most of the country and along the way he has taken thousands and thousands of bird photographs including many endemic birds, plus numerous photos depicting cultural events, historical sites and his particular passion of wildlife and their natural habitats.


His passion for wildlife photography and filmmaking quickly began to take root so much so that he had to sell his personal automobile in order to buy a state of the art camera. With this camera he started taking still photographs of birds and wildlife, which then evolved into filmmaking. Aziz has shot and produced several wildlife documentary films.


Aziz has worked as a freelance photographer and filmmaker with numerous national and international organizations including Ethiopia Wildlife Conservation Authority, the Ethiopian Ministry of Culture and Tourism, Horn of Africa Regional Environment Centre and Network, and with National Geographic Africa.


A launch event took place recently at the National Theater for his new coffee table book about the Wildlife of Ethiopia within the National Parks of Ethiopia, which includes stunning pictures and detailed information about animals and birds whose habitat lies within the numerous national parks around the country. Aziz is gifting this book to schools that surround these parks in the hopes that the youngsters can learn more about the animals living in their vicinity as well as to encourage respect for the wildlife, some species of which are endangered. Aziz is keen to highlight the diversity of landscape and wildlife within the country and is engaged now in taking tourists on unique safari tours.


Aziz is eternally indebted to the wildlife of Ethiopia. He knows the only way he can repay the wildlife is by aiding them in the protection of their habitats working with other respected local and international organizations to conserve them for the next generation. All his work is in honor of and respect for the incredible and diverse wildlife of Ethiopia. Aziz is keen to instill a sense of awareness about the essential necessity of conservation and preservation as well as an appreciation and respect for the animas and birds of Ethiopia to be around in abundance for generations to come.

This great book is on sale at all Tomoca locations and at lodges throughout Ethiopia.


Aziz Ahmed wildlife photographer and filmmaker

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