You have selected and started the application process to your choice of universities. For the last three weeks getting you were ready for the English proficiency exam; brushing up on grammar, practicing speaking, reading and writing skills. When you finally took the exam, you were calm and relaxed, after the exam you were confident you did your best Two days later your results arrive, as expected your overall score is great but you see all this graphs and charts. Are they useful? If so, how?


The iTEP Score result gives a detailed analysis of the test taker’s English proficiency. It offers the test taker a comprehensive look at what their proficiency level is not only as an overall grade but also at a skill and sub-skill level.  iTEP classifies its score report into three specific sections. Its first section is an overall assessment which contains two subsections namely ‘assessment by section’ and the ‘individual skill profile’.


The next section shows a detailed analysis of your score in each skill and sub-skill level. In combination, these two sections illustrate a general view of the test taker’s ability. The final section of the score report is a written analysis of the test taker’s competency. The ability guide specifies what the test taker is able to perform at each skill level, including the gaps in their proficiency.


The iTEP Score result is the most impressive and comprehensive analysis of a test taker’s aptitude in comparison with any other English proficiency examination in the market. Because you can use the results of the iTEP exam to study and improve your English proficiency strategically. The results help the test taker outline a study plan that fits his/her needs.


By purposefully studying the material you need to improve or the skill you desire to advance, you can decrease time spent going over material with which you are already proficient. In addition, you can take your iTEP score results to the multitude of English language training schools to create a curriculum fitted to your needs. iTEP is designed to not only test and provide proof of your English proficiency but also as an aid to guide you to higher proficiency. After all, you can only succeed in higher education if you can understand the medium of instruction.


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